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Da Vinci Robotic Surgery

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The da Vinci system makes it possible to perform surgery through a few small incisions about the size of your fingertip. With the da Vinci system, your surgeon sits at a console near you in the operating room. The console enables your surgeon to control a camera and the tiny instruments used to perform your surgery.


The system delivers 3D high-definition views, giving your surgeon a crystal-clear view of the surgical area magnified 10 times what the human eye sees. It translates every movement your surgeon makes in real time, bending and rotating instruments that move like a human hand, but with a greater range of motion. Built-in tremor filtration technology helps your surgeon move each instrument with smooth precision.

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Katherine Dowd, MD



Texoma Urology Center

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Wichita Falls, Tx. 76310

Phone (940) 689-8765


  • Minimally invasive surgery

  • Robotic Surgery


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General Surgery

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